That "Crazy In Love" Feeling

By Staci Welch-Bartley

“Here I go,” you notice yourself saying, "I am falling in love again!" In this moment, some of us run.  Because we feel like if we can avoid the feeling of being in love, we can avoid the pain that we believe are sure to come quickly after the love fades away.

For others, we let go of everything that means something to us to be sure that the love we have attracted “this time” will last forever.  We find ourselves believing things like if we can just give up all that is important to us, and focus on “them”, it will all work out!  So we no longer up hold our personal boundaries, or ask for what we need and want in the relationship. We let it all go, and get taken for a ride until we wake up feeling empty, depleted, and useless!

What I have discovered about this amazing thing called love, is it is truly what makes the world spin. It is our most conscious and powerful state. It is truly the magic that penetrates our lives. And it is why we will do almost anything for it and miss it terribly in our lives when it is not present!

Finding and experiencing love is about using and enjoying this most amazing power.

When we fall in love with someone we feel truly feel aligned with, two things happen without much thought.  First, our vibrational energies converge and our energy becomes harmonious.  Meaning that both people are vibrating at the same level.

Second comes the smell connection.  Pheromones.  Studies show that couples will stand the test of time if they enjoy and sometimes crave the smell of their partner.

And all at once you are crazy in love. Why do you instinctually feel in love when this occurs? Because another person is matching where you are internally. It does not matter what your mind is saying or what your “vision board “displays in that moment. What matters is that someone is vibrating at the same level and if they smell good to you, game over!  It has nothing to do with your logic until you have time and space to reflect.

Love happens more below the radar, or subconsciously.

Our subconscious is not concerned with whether or not a relationship will last forever.  What matters to us intuitively is that we will evolve.  We will put ourselves in unbelievable circumstances to give ourselves an experience to grow. 

This idea is based on the principal that all living things need to push against something to grow. And we are constantly finding circumstances and people to help us “grow” forward. There is a physics equation for this which is: force = mass x acceleration.  

So you see, falling in and out of love is the ultimate process of life! It is all about learning, practicing and moving forward. And when we find a partner that is aligned with us, and is willing to do the same learning, practice, and evolution, we have what author Bruce Lipton, PhD, calls, "Heaven on Earth." In his book the Honeymoon Effect, he speaks about how we can create this heaven every day of our lives. 

Let’s get evolving!