How To Understand And Create Romantic Love

By Staci Welch-Bartley

Romantic love has paid us a visit, and has graciously asked our help in setting a few things straight.

The fact that very few human beings on the planet are enjoying all that love has to offer was love’s complaint. How did things become so confusing and complex? Love should be easy according to the laws of the universe. Love happens naturally, or at least it was meant to. 

Love went on to state, “Don’t people know that I am here to enrich their lives? Don’t they know that I create incredible adventure? Don’t they know that I am the ultimate experience? The highest of highs, and the lowest of lows…”

“They reject me because they do not want to experience the lows…but wait…don’t they realize that is when they should celebrate me the most? For it is by experiencing the lows my value is irreplaceable! It is when you are in the lowest of lows that you are able to grow anew; by reaching deep inside you will discover pieces of yourself that have been overlooked while things are going well. They are lying dormant waiting patiently to be discovered. It is only when you are low that you will dig deep enough to find them. This is what you have asked for and need to become all that you can be; don’t blame me!” said love.

“Do you have a guarantee?” I asked. “Or, perhaps this would help your plea? Maybe a promise of forever once you have visited me?”

Love dropped its gaze and shook its head and said, “This will never be. You see, no guarantee, no plea, and no promise of forever will be found with me. Those will rob you of the gifts I give, the thrill of surprise and adventure through boldly facing the unknown. Those times are when you are willing to risk it all, let go, and fall deeply.”

So then I asked, “Well how are we to find you love? Where shall we look?”

Love answered, “You need look no further than something that puts a smile upon your face. When you have this quickly share it, and share it fast. That is all it takes.”

I said, “Really love? That is is it? Sounds like instead I might need to pray?”

Love giggled, “You can if you’d like, please do, it never hurts. But If I were you…I would focus more on play.”