An Ode to the Simple Things in Life: 25 things I’m Grateful for This Year

The older I get, the more I realize that a meaningful life is made up of an accumulation of the simple, yet often seemingly insignificant moments and experiences in life. Sure, the grandiose things I often pursued when I was younger were thrilling, but it is the simple things I find I cherish and give thanks for most in times of reflection. These simple things seem to be the memories that imprint my mind and heart the most. 

As today is Thanksgiving in the United States, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and give thanks, for I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I hope that after reading my list, you’re also encouraged to do the same.


An Ode To The Simple Things In Life

1. A hot bath or shower.
2. A soft cozy blanket
3. A fabulous cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans and topped with heavy cream
4. Music that moves my soul
5. The feel of grass on my bare feet
6. A loving lick from my dog Jigi
7. The wind blowing through my hair
8. An intimate shared with another
9. A big hug (I will take these from anyone!)
10. A kiss; hard or soft, I love them all!
11. The feeling of playing hooky
12. A love letter slid under my bedroom door
13.  A long-chained swing
14.  My dear readers and clients I am privileged to serve
15.  A glass of wine with my favorite crackers and cheese.


16. A book I get lost in
17. Breakfast in bed (I crack up when I think of my kids proudly presenting me sticky oatmeal and                    scrambled eggs with a whole lot of shells! Perfect!) 
18. Intimate love making
19. A warm smile
20. A nod of the head that says “You got this, I believe in you.”
21. Tom surprising me with a fresh pack of my favorite gum, complete with a note
22. Thank you notes from grateful people
23. The feeling of a child’s hand in mine
24. Laughing and being silly
25. The incredible circle of people in my life who say “I LOVE YOU!”

What is it for you? What are the simple things that leave an imprint on your soul in unforgettable ways? 
Help me create an ode to the simple things by sharing them in the comments. Let’s shout them out with gratitude. Because if we don't have them, life seems to lack a bit of luster, wouldn’t you say?

“If the simple things don’t warm your heart and cause a smile, then very often the big things won’t either.”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from Lease On Love!