We Are Grateful For YOU!

So many of you have recently shared your heartfelt stores of love and relationships with us; a few have caused us to laugh, but most have caused us to cry, as we send virtual love and hugs in an effort to let you know we are here, and you’re not alone.

Tom and I consider ourselves to be blessed to do this work.  To be allowed access to some of the most precious and emotional experiences in someone’s life is truly an honor and one we do not take lightly.

We have spent many hours in communion with individuals and couples in support of helping them become the heroes of their love and relationship journeys.  

We are grateful and send love to you all!

Also, in case you’ve missed it, we’re in the middle of our first ever Daily Dose of Love Challenge and we are blown away by the entries we’ve received so far. 

It has been wonderful to experience others’ journeys of learning to connect with themselves, others, nature and yes, even the universe, one small challenge at a time.  

We know it takes courage to participate in a challenge like this and we applaud everyone who has taken a leap of faith to join us so far.

A common theme we’ve noticed throughout the posts so far is gratefulness.  

Take a look at some of the wonderful comments we’ve received:

“Thank you for challenging me to really enjoy and reflect.”

“What a difference being grateful makes to my overall daily attitude...less stress! More happiness.”

“Thank you for teaching me to adapt, love challengers!

“This challenge has given me a reason to smile all week. You two have been an absolute blessing in my life. Thank you!”

“Thank you for guiding me on this amazing journey!”

Why are we sharing this with you?  

While we are certainly thrilled by the kind words, we’re not just tooting our own horn.  

What we desire to highlight is how: 


Did you know that gratitude improves your mental health? It’s true!  

Studies have shown that those who regularly express thankfulness are, “more optimistic and feel better about their lives.” 

It can also improve your relationships! 

One study found that “individuals who took time to express gratitude for their partner not only felt more positive toward the other person but also felt more comfortable expressing concerns about their relationship (source).”

Gratitude also improves self-esteem, which in turn can lead to feeling more confident. 

“Grateful people are more willing to take on new challenges and are more optimistic about their goals being achievable (source).”


Tom and I use this powerful tool in workshops and lessons often.  

Gratitude is why we say, “There is no such thing as a failed relationship, because each and every one you have experienced contributes to who you are, and who you are becoming!”  

When you can find the places and experiences in your relationships that you can be grateful for, it eases the pain and slowly ignites hope for love again.

So how can you develop an “attitude of gratitude?”  

There are so many ways but here are some of our favorites. 

Ways To Build Your Gratitude In All Things: 

1. Keep a gratitude journal.  

Tom is a great example of this. Every night before he goes to bed, he writes down three things he is grateful for as a result of his day.  I do this too but he is more consistent with it than I am.

2. Call, text or send a handwritten note to express gratitude to someone who has contributed to your life in some way.  

It can be for something recent or something in the past.  You’re sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face! I recently sent a message to a past lover who left an impression on my heart and helped me to become the person I am today.  I thanked him for it!

3. Make a list of things you have to be thankful for, both big and small.

 Hang it up and look at it often. It helps to ground you in those moments when you feel alone and frustrated.

This last one is big, and it will challenge you!

4. Write down a list of the gifts you have received from your relationships, both the past and present ones.

 Think of each person you have loved in your life, and notice the gifts they have given you. Your parents, siblings, children, and yes, your lovers. Yes, some of those gifts may be an awareness of what you didn’t or don’t want, but none the less, they are gifts that have contributed to your life. Count them, and be grateful for the experience of teaching you so much about life and love.

In doing this exercise myself, I realized I am so grateful for my ex-husband because he caused me to stretch outside of my comfort zones.  A lot!  I grew up as a very naïve person, being sheltered from much of the world.  Boy, did I learn a lot!

“Write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today, I am grateful for you, my dear readers, clients, and fellow travelers for allowing Tom and I to be a part of your journey toward toe tingling love.  

Please know that we love that you share your stories with us, ask us the questions that hang on your hearts, and allow us to guide you to more love and less fear in your life.

We are grateful for you.

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