Looking for Love? Then you Simply MUST read this!

I was crashing hard! 

My 13-year marriage had ended and I found myself single with 5 kids and 2 cats. Love had betrayed me! I had done all the right things, given my all, abided by the rules of my religion and still found myself divorced and alone.  

Along with questioning my religion, and adjusting to being a single mom, I decided to swear off love and relationships forever more…who needed them anyway?

Looking for love? Then you MUST read this!

As the weeks and months wore on, I maintained my new anti-love creed but realized I was not feeling better or stronger! 

Instead, I was becoming angrier at god and men, bitter because of the injustice of it all, and more depressed and lonely than I had ever been. I had given up on life, hope, and any chance of experiencing love again!

But then I had an experience that gave me that little dose of love I desperately needed.

The depression and bitterness was eating me alive, and I reached for something, anything that would give me a feeling of hope and connection.  

I called into work sick on a Thursday morning and decided I would take my then five-year-old son Tate out to breakfast instead of to school.  I needed to regather myself, and Tate had a way of expressing lots of delight and joy over the simplest of things.  I had a sense that some time with him was what I needed and hoped a bit of his sparkle would rub off on me.

We walked into the restaurant, ordered our food, and found a place to sit down.  As we were waiting for our food, I glanced up to look at Tate and noticed a 70-year-old couple eating breakfast nearby.  

Much to my amazement, the couple seemed to be engaged with each other. Just like a couple of high school lovers hanging out while playing hooky from school. I could see the man tease and poke the women’s leg under their table! I couldn’t stop staring! I was captivated as I sat and just stared at this couple so full of love.

I could hear their conversation and I listened intently. They were sharing fun memories of a birthday party they had just attended, along with making plans for their next fishing trip. Each conversation was filled with giggles, teasing, winks and grins at one another.

As my son and I left the restaurant, I popped a piece of gum in my mouth and paused at the trashcan to throw the wrapper away. I was still staring at the couple, I couldn’t help It! 

The man looked up and saw me staring at him. Feeling like I just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar I shyly spoke, “I am so sorry, I have been watching you both since I sat down. The two of you seem so in love with each other.” My emotional dam broke...

“I am newly divorced and have lost my hope and faith with love…but you…you two seem to have what I have always hoped for. Please if you would share with me...how do you create what I have witnessed from the two of you today?” 

The man looked at his partner with tears beginning to show and said, “I have been with this woman for 52 years and I am grateful for her in my life every day.” Now I was crying. The man continued, "If you will allow it,” he said, “you will find love again and I highly recommend you do."
He stood up and gave me a much-needed hug. “I wish you all the love in the world” he said to me. Continuing, "And remember, it is available everywhere you go, just look for it and give it to others."

This older couple provided me with what I craved...a much-needed dose of love that still inspires and blesses me to this day!

It was simple, did not cost anything, and didn’t take much of their time, but nonetheless contributed greatly to my future. Their words and demonstration of love ignited hope again within my soul. It created a spark of hope for love and a meaningful relationship once again inside my heart. 

Through the years, I have realized that the words of this sweet couple are so very true. Indeed, love is everywhere, and available to us always. All that is necessary for us to experience love are simple forms of connection.  

An act of kindness, a smile, an inspiring memory, a hug.

You experience love when you allow yourself to connect. When you connect with yourself, with others, with nature, or with the universe.

Love is all around us. And it only takes a small dose to inspire us, fill us up, and create that precious feeling of strength and hope inside of us once again.

We call this a Dose Of Love, and it’s what that sweet couple generously gave to me almost 20 years ago when I was so depleted.

Tom and I now want to give this gift to you! So we created something special to do just that: the Daily Dose of Love 30-Day Challenge.

This challenge is totally free and is a fun way to create more love and connection with yourself and others in everyday life.

Each day of this challenge, you can look forward to a fun and meaningful activity meant to spark some love in your day.  (Oh, and there will be prizes too!)

If you have lost your faith in love, lost trust and your heart has been broken, or maybe you want to connect again to the power love can provide you. 

Join us for the Daily Dose of Love Challenge.

It starts April 1st.

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Because who doesn’t need a good, heaping dose of love, right?!

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