How should I move on from my messy, ugly past?

If case you haven’t already heard, our Daily Dose of Love Challenge has inspired hundreds of people to create and experience a dose of love in their lives every day. Even though the challenge is currently over, this incredible community is alive and spreading love all around to those inside the Facebook group.

If you yourself are needing some love, I highly encourage you to jump in and join us, as we have lots of love to share with you.

When the challenge came to an end, and our incredible prizes were awarded to some amazing people, the demand to continue was overwhelming! The community did not want to give up the marvelous sharing and connection that had been created. Truth is, we didn’t want to give it up either. 

We decided to keep the love flowing in between challenges by providing you with a weekly challenge, which is essentially an activity you can do all week.  Also, Tom and I have committed to doing a Facbeook Live in the group live every Friday at 4 p.m. PST to further share the weekly challenge activity and expand on the benefits and power behind it. We will also be there to answer any questions that have come up for you, or celebrate any of your aha’s and wins.

This week’s Challenge activity in the closed Facebook Group is: Look Back, Don’t Go Back, and here is how to use this powerful mantra in your daily life right now.

Our past experiences in life were never intended to be torture devices designed to keep us feeling miserable and stuck! Instead, the purpose of our past is to provide us the contrast necessary to clearly identify what we truly want and need to be happy and fully expressed in our lives.

In this week's challenge, we focus on our mantra of “look back, don’t go back,” which will support us in stepping out of past regrets and disappointments and move on into growth.

You may be asking, “Sounds good, but HOW?!”

As we look back on our lives, we see the life that perhaps we miss and long for in the here and now. Great, now set about, creating it again in your present or near future. If you miss those family vacations, plan one. If you miss those weekly dates, it is time to take yourself or someone out on the town. If you miss having a special someone in your life, it is important that you create some connection with others, and focus on deepening those relationships over time.  


We also spend a large part of our lives ruminating on our past in which we didn't do such a great job. The times we produced some epic failures. We are hesitant to put ourselves out there again because we fall into the worry trap of “What if I choose wrong again?” These moments of disappointments and regret show us what we desire to understand and get better at: or perhaps you need to just let go of because it was never a part of who you were in the first place. Again, great news, if we can grow from our new awareness instead of beat ourselves up. Use this valuable information, and begin the creation of that "do over" you have always hoped for. You know the one that will finally give you the love and connection that you truly desire and deserve.



And if you are wondering if you are ready to pursue love again, breathe easy…we are here to help and have dedicated an entire blog post to give you the confidence you need to get back out there! 

What should you do with that messy, ugly past you ask?  GROW, one step at a time.

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