Discover the one thing we all need to create loving relationships!'s so simple it hurts!

How well do you know your partner? Like REALLY know them? Do you feel truly and deeply connected?

If you’re in between relationships, ask yourself this: “Did I ever really develop a deep connection with my ex?”

Connection with others is critical to our happiness and wellbeing…but what does that mean?

As discussed last week, the sharing of one's self is the substance necessary to create connection. It is the stuff that relationships are made of.

No sharing, no connection, no relationship.

If you are having trouble with knowing how to create a deep connection with others, I encourage you to dive into our blog series that begins with Deep Intimate Committed Relationships. This series will walk you through the steps for creating connection. You can begin the series here. 

Remember, you and your partner are in your relationship together.

You need to be willing to put in the effort to deepen your bond by diving in and asking the questions that will strengthen your connection. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, we think these two posts have some great inspiration to get you started:

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17 Questions to Ask Your Partner to Deepen Your Connection

Last week, I (Staci) illustrated connection in action by providing 10 personal details about myself.

It got me thinking…let’s all get to know more about Tom! You know, the mysterious guy that shows up with me during our FB lives and then disappears. The guy quietly behind the scenes that does everything in his power to support all of you, and me, in creating the magic that happens here at Lease On Love.

I mean really, it’s about time to put the spotlight on him for a minute, knowing that it will create a deeper connection with him and...YOU!

10 Things To Know About Tom…

 Before I hand the mic over to Tom, I’ve got to slip this in here…his name is actually Charles Thompson everyone knows him as Tom 😉

Tom, take it away!

1. I am the third of four boys. I was raised to work hard and take life seriously.  I was even called “Oscar the Grouch” by one of my employees years ago! Lol!


2. My father died of cancer at the age of 42 when I was only 13. This taught me that life is filled with change that will require us to embrace it. My mother went back to college and became an RN after being a traditional housewife for 20 years. She also instilled in me a love of learning that she modeled masterfully.

3. Four years after my dad passed, my mother married a man with 9 kids of his own! I never had any sisters, and then suddenly I had 6! No joke!

4. I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 17. My first business was painting home exteriors. Other businesses I have owned and operated are commercial kitchen and exhaust cleaning, a high-end, New York style sub shop where we were famous for our Philly steak and cheese! And I've been an independent real estate appraiser for the last 18 years.

5. I was married for 24 years to my first wife, and we successfully created what we call “a loving release” with our divorce in 2010. During our marriage we had 2 children, one of which currently works side by side with Staci and me at Lease On Love. Can anyone guess her name?


6. I first met Staci when she was 14 years old while attending her sister’s wedding. Her sister married my best friend. Staci was 14, with braces, and I was 22. Those 7 years didn’t look good then, but they sure do now! I often tease…Staci then proceeded to stalk me for the next 32 years! Lol!

7. In November 2010, being inspired by the death of a sister and then a dear friend within 7 days of each other,  I began working through my own healing and grief, by sending notes of love and appreciation out to my closest friends and family, letting them know that I loved them. Something kept prompting me to reach out to Staci as well, which made no sense at the time. But I did it anyway, and here we are! There is that intuition speaking, we talk so much about in Samba! I reached out to Staci, and of course, the rest is history. We were married in December 2012.

8. I have owned 3 Rottweilers over the years. I admire these types of dogs because they have such a commanding presence. I know many people get nervous around them, but you have got to know, they are very loyal and loving! Yes, loving!


9. I have been blessed to understand the principals of human connection early in my life. I can honestly say, I have a genuine desire to connect and appreciate people from all walks of life. I believe that we all need an experience of matter. And right now, I want you to know that you do indeed matter!

10. Through my journey of creating Lease On Love, I have discovered that I love to be on camera serving, and enjoy being very playful and silly! Who knew?! And Staci inspires this in me as well.  I am sure you have all probably picked up this already!


Ok, enough about me, It’s your turn now dear reader! Don’t miss out on creating some love and connection in your life right now. We all need connection in our lives; tragically, many of us put off gifting ourselves with some.


Share yourself with someone right now! Reach out to your partner, friends, or kids. Share with us, by sending an email, or commenting below. Jump into our Daily Dose Of Love FB group and connect with a vibrant community committed to creating more love and connection in their daily lives. 

Bottom line: allow yourself to connect.

We promise it feels so good!

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