Discover The Silent Killer Of Relationships

Most think it is infidelity...but they’re wrong!

Individuals and couples trapped and imprisoned by negativity become adversaries instead of lovers. They’re stuck in a place they can’t seem to escape.

We call it N.O. - no love is happening because of Negativity Overrule.

People who are stuck in N.O. talk past each other, and don’t seem at all interested in understanding the other person. Their Negativity Overrules the majority of their interactions in relationships. Even couples desperately striving to stick it out often lose the connection that lovers share which is usually described as passionate, magical, heart throbbing love.

Truth is, they have been poisoned.  

More often than not, this has happened slowly over time and drives relationships to a destiny of misery and unhappiness for everyone.

This poison is a noxious invader, with great stealth, taking over a seemingly loving relationship, filled with hope and possibility, until one day…it’s over!

This secret toxic poison is BETRAYAL.

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When we think of betrayal, we think of sexual affairs and addictions, don't we?

We read up on celebrities and politicians highlighted in the tabloids.

We then use our sense of faithfulness to fill ourselves with pride and give ourselves that bit of reassurance our relationships are ok.

But you must know, that betrayal is alive and thriving even when a relationship never experiences a sexual affair or broken marriage vows.

Betrayal often comes in forms many are not yet familiar with, nor what some would identify as betrayal at all.

Nonetheless, its destructive venom is just as fatal!

Betrayal exists at the heart of every breakup, and we don’t see its devastating effects on our relationships as it infects the love and connection possible one encounter at a time.



Betrayal is seeping into our loving connections with others when:

  • A person is putting their career ahead of their relationship.
  • A promise is broken to start a family as previously agreed.
  • A confidence is broken. 
  • Emotional retraction followed by sharing being cut off by one or both people.
  • Deliberate selfishness and disregard is present.
  • Demeaning criticisms with no value but to belittle and hurt one another are spoken and tolerated.

These acts of betrayal described above can be even more devastating than forms of infidelity, and require our best efforts to keep them out of our relationships. 

Now that we have shined a light on this deadly toxin, please know it affects all of our relationships!

Our relationships with our children, our parents, and friends, as well the one with ourselves…which is where all betrayal begins.

It is with ourselves we must begin to counteract the invasion of betrayal in our lives.

Take A Look Right Now:

  • Has betrayal been a part, or is currently a part of your relationships?
  • Have there been broken promises, half-truths, and emotional retraction?
  • Have you been giving the “cold shoulder” instead of support and sharing?
  • Are expressions of criticism taking the place of acknowledgments?
  • Is the feeling of betrayal causing you to feel ill in your relationships right now?


It is OK if it is. Its effects have been experienced by ALL of us at one time or another. The important thing is that we can spot it, identify it, and dilute it before it chokes out all the love in our lives.

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I encourage you to make a list of where betrayal has been thriving in your life!

Get up close and personal with it in all its forms.

I promise this will prevent it from rapidly spreading in your relationships.

And know that additional help is on the way!

We are going to take you by the hand, and give you everything you need to stop this deadly poison from penetrating your life, and relationships.

Beginning tonight at 6:00 p.m. PST, we are coming to you live on Facebook with betrayal's biggest antidote….TRUST.

You can join us for the Facebook Live at

We also encourage you to jump into our Daily Dose of Love Group, where Tom and I, together with our team and loving community can bring you relief fast.

For now, get out that flashlight and get looking for places where betrayal is living in your life today.

You will be so glad you did, and so will your relationships!

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