We Don’t Hurt What We Feel Connected To: A Movement

Several days after the Florida shooting, I was standing in line for my morning coffee, and while I was waiting, I picked up a nearby newspaper and began reading the latest findings on yet another mass shooting. 

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As I scanned the details, my eyes fell to the common thread I see in every mass shooting that has ever taken place in my lifetime: “There it is," I said to myself, "there it is!”

As the details of the Florida shooting on February 14th continue to unfold, we learned that the shooter is an orphan whose mother passed away almost a year ago. We also found out that he was considered weird, different and possibly autistic by his schoolmates and neighbors.


When we take a look back historically while exploring the experience of the shooter, in all of the recent mass shootings in our country, we discover that in each and every case, the shooter was cut-off and disconnected from society —  and very often from his own friends and family. 

Notice that a lack of connection begins to affect connections of all types: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. 

In the description given to the police about Adam Peter Lanza (Sandy Hook shooter), it was stated that he had chosen to cut off contact with both his father and brother in the two years before the shooting. And, at one point communicated with his mother, who lived in the same house, only by email.

And what about these spine chilling statements from the two shooters at Columbine:

  • Eric Harris' Journal entry: "I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don't…say, 'Well that's your fault,' because it isn't, you people had my phone number, and I asked and all, but no. No no no don't let the weird-looking Eric KID come along."
  • Dylan Klebold's Statement: "You've been giving us shit for years. You're f----ing gonna pay for all the shit!"

What do each of these have in common?

Shooters who were disconnected—from family, friends, colleagues, and their community. 


I came to a realization that it is a disconnection emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

And then these words came to me…We don’t hurt what WE FEEL connected to! 

I have been obsessed with these words ever since. And I have the desire to share what I have seen over and over again as the root cause that creates humans capable of such acts in the world. 

I also realize that for me, it's not enough to just see the pattern and understand anymore. I know NOW is the time for action!

NOW is the time to inspire and create more connection in our lives…

But I asked myself HOW?!  

How do we create more moments of connection in our lives, and the lives of others? 


It’s absolutely crystal clear that meaningful connection to other people is as essential to our health and wellbeing as the air we breathe.

Humans are hardwired to interact with others. In order to thrive as communities, families, and individuals, we need each other…especially during times of stress. 

When we go through a trying ordeal alone, a lack of emotional support and friendship can increase our anxiety and hinder our ability to cope.

Research study after research study, article after article, shows that when we experience connection in our lives we think better, we perform better, we feel better. We become healthier and we live longer.

To make it simple and easy for us to create more connection in our daily lives, we have created inspiring and beautiful cards that can be shared with people who cross your path everyday. As they’re shared, each card continues the the creation of connection by encouraging the recipient to create a new connection as they pass it along.



This simple act has the power to immediately transform our sense of connection in a nanosecond. It’s all about putting a smile on someone’s face. 

And it doesn't require an act of congress, or a professional degree to reap its benefits. Young or old, rich or poor, educated or not…it is something we can ALL do.

And guess what?

Getting this connection movement started won't cost you anything but your willingness to get involved.

To get this connection movement started, we are offering four free Connection Cards to anyone and everyone who is willing to join us.

Do you find yourself asking: "How does a simple Connection Card create ongoing connection, and for that matter create change in the world?"

And, "Will it really make a difference if I get involved?"


It has been proven to work. Have you ever heard of the Random Acts of Kindness Movement that began in 1982 and is still thriving today? The stories from such simple things are very profound. 

And though we love this movement, and support it, passing out a Connection Card creates even more of an experience of connection with one another.


Give it a test drive! The promise of passing a simple card is this:

  • It will create connection and spark new conversations with others, d
  • It will develop new friendships. 
  • It will allow new possibilities in your life to unfold. 
  • And quite frankly, it helps us to feel that we are not alone in this journey of life.

Will you join us? 

Will you be one of the Brave Hearts who spreads connection with the people who cross your path each day?


You know who you are. You are the ones who are tired of rushing the wall. The ones who are weary in your relationships and of your world. We want to support you in fostering new and meaningful connections with those around you. 

More than that, together we can show everyone that through connection, we can change the world. We can create the space for each other, and yes - even for those with differing opinions. We can help one another see those around us as humans… humans that are valuable and ultimately deserving of appreciation. We can see that all around us are people who desire the same things we do: love, joy, safety, happiness, and connection.

RIGHT NOW...We are beginning a connection movement, and we are inviting you to join us.

Together we can all make a difference.
Get involved in passing these Connection Cards.

If we truly are committed to ensuring we never see events like this again, we must understand the importance of connection. We must get busy reaching out to those around us -- sharing a compliment, a positive thought, sparking a little love in the world. The good news is this is something we can all do. It’s simple and it feels good!



1.Contribute to Connect by passing out our inspirational Connection Cards. Visit http://bit.ly/connectioncards to get your FREE Connection Cards today. Let people who cross your life path know that they matter, and witness the experience of connection getting passed along from person to person because of YOU!

2. Get involved and share our Connection Movement. Be part of the solution to the tragedy we see over and over again because of our lack of connection with one another. Share this movement by sharing this post with your friends and family and on social media. Help us spread the word. There is something we can ALL do to make the world a better place for everyone:

3. Discover how to create more connection in your life. Join us for a Challenge during the first full week of March (and beyond) to create more connection in your life and the lives around you by joining our Daily Dose of Love FB Group here.

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