Spread Some Love Around: How To Look At Valentine's Day In A Whole New Way

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here! I don’t know of any other holiday that stirs up such varied and passionate feelings.


Ok, I get it. I confess, even for me, someone who passionately teaches and talks about love, there were a couple of years after my divorce where I rolled my eyes and became sarcastic and cynical. And then I realized…

You don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

I can already see you rolling your eyes at me, but hear me out! I have something I would like to share with you I think you’re going to like.

Valentine’s Day is NOT just for those in a romantic relationship!  

Love is way more than romantic love! How about we think of it as your chance to spread some love to the people in your circle who deserve it or perhaps need it most. Don’t forget that includes loving yourself too!  

Love is all around us, all the time, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to remember this.

We often forget, as our lives move forward day by day in a familiar routine, that we are ALL creators of love. We can bring love into our lives at this very moment if we choose to!

I want you to know that love shows up when we smile, say a kind word, help someone, appreciate someone, connect, laugh ourselves silly, and yes, dance and yes, in the rain if you can!

Simple actions like these are the ones that bring us the love we long for!

The truth is we get to choose to have love right now in our lives and each and every day. The reality is, the more you experience feelings of love in your life, the easier it is to find your special someone to share love with. Until then, share it with those closest to you, or YOURSELF!

This is one of the big reasons we created the Daily Dose Of Love Community, to really help drive home this idea: Valentine’s Day is not just for romantic lovers, it is for the lover inside of us all!

Jump in and join this growing community of lovers, and become a lover yourself. You can check it out here.


In addition to the monthly challenges we’ve been sharing with our community and readers, there are many other great ideas out there that will also inspire you to start spreading and feeling some love this Valentine's Day.


So yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there, couples and singles alike!

Love it up!

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