Stop, Look & Listen

By Staci Welch-Bartley

What if we could just show up and observe ourselves as a third person looking in?  I have always felt that would be an amazing experience. Guess what? We can do this through observing our feelings inside. Wayne Dyer encourages us to, “stop, look, and listen to our body, minds, and spirit”. 

By checking in with this internal guidance system that all of us have, we can see many things. We can tell how we are doing, observe what is going on, and most important, see what we need to do next in our evolution. This guidance system will communicate with us, but only if we listen. 

How does this relate to love, you ask? Well here is the deal. All we ever do in a relationship is get to know ourselves. All of us suffer from the feelings of not being lovable, good enough, or worthy. We question our value, get curious about who we are, and wonder what the heck we are doing here on this planet. We criticize ourselves countless times a day, and come to believe a story that is not always true. We tell ourselves things like “if I were skinnier, smarter, didn't have kids, finished college, or had a good job I could find love.” But, when we can step back and observe, we would find that people that do not have it all together find love every day. So this belief cannot be true. There is not a level of beauty, intelligence, or success that ensures that you or anyone else will find love. 

The best way for you to find love is to get involved with listening and actually doing the things that make your heart sing. You and only you know what you need to do next. The act of doing will take you where you need to go to find love.

Are you listening?