This FREE Facebook community has been created to help people experience a daily dose of love they've been missing in their lives. 

This is a supportive community, and it is here to encourage you, challenge you, and provide you with conversations that propel you towards creating the love and connection that you desire and deserve.

The Lease On Love Team is passionate about maintaining this supportive community. We have created the following guidelines to help ensure that the integrity of this group will continue to provide a welcome and supportive space to its members.

You will need to understand and abide by these guidelines to remain part of this incredible community.

Meet  the Lease On Love Team

You'll see all of these people in the group posting and responding to you!


1. NO SELF PROMOTION - Do NOT post affiliate links, self-promote, advertise social media pages and links, or ask for “Likes” from your fellow community members. This group is not a marketing channel for your business, products, or offers.

2. NO POSTING OF VIDEOS OF YOURSELF - You may not utilize the Facebook Live feature or create a video of yourself speaking to the group. 

If you find a great video of someone else that you'd love to share, awesome! You may share that with the group.

3. BE NICE - Do your part to create and maintain a neutral ground so all members of this community can explore, learn and grow. We do this by allowing everyone others to express differing opinions and points of view.

Non-constructive criticism and judgment toward anyone will not be tolerated, and should be reported immediately by emailing the Lease On Love team at If you are rude and disrespectful in any way, we will ban you.

4. NO RANTING - There will be no whining, complaining, or angry rants allowed. If you have the need to do any of these things, send us an email at and someone will be there to support you.

5. GIVE BACK - Support and cheer on your fellow community members. Don't be that person always asking for help and advice, but is never providing support and encouragement in return. Share the love!

6. THIS IS NOT A DATING WEBSITE - This community is intended to be a place of encouragement, inspiration, learning and mentorship through the dating and relationship process. Please do not troll the group for potential dates as you will be dismissed from the group immediately. If you do find someone you would like to explore a deeper connection with, that is awesome, but please do so outside of this group.

7. DON'T SPAM - Keep your posts relevant to the topic at hand, please. Posting irrelevant material will earn you a ban. 

8. NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ THE "NEW HERE?" FILES IN THE FILES SECTION - This will help you get started. You can find the file here. 

You will receive so much from this group by engaging in the community every day.  The Daily Dose Of Love Community is a great place for you to form new friendships, ask your burning questions about love and relationships, connect with others, give support, and receive tips and skills for creating the love you desire in your life.

It’s time for you to be the hero of your own love journey!

Let's get connecting! See you inside the group!