Lease On Love Connection Cards

Together we can change the world by simply connecting with others.

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At Lease On Love, we are passionate about helping individuals and couples stop waiting on love and instead, we encourage them to create it, live it, and to be it. 

When we are feeling lonely, or feeling down, or we are feeling like we are just out in the world all by ourselves, the GREATEST thing we can do is simply to connect. 

And, as a society we are losing this ability to connect with each other, and a lot of times we are losing it because we don't get out much or because we hide behind technology. 

That is exactly why we have created these Connection Cards. Because, we want you to be able to instantly connect with the people around you. And, we believe that connecting with your community can be as simple as handing somebody a Connection Card. 

Hand one of these cards to a family member, to someone you work with, to your coffee barista, to the person that is ringing you up while you buy your groceries...the possibilities are endless. You don't even have to make eye contact. It can be that simple.

And, it may be just the thing that person needs to feel better after they have had a hard day. 

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Help us create this connection movement  together!

We need each other, let's connect!