Friday Fun Frolic

What’s your love language?

Most of us our aware of the fact that there is more to communication in relationships than just the words that we speak to each other.  Everything we do, and don’t do, is a communication to those around us; and how we experience the feeling of love and connection with others is different for all of us. 

We love others the way we want to be loved, because, well this is all we know how to do. This works well if you and the person you are offering love to shares the same love language, however if they do not, the love you are expressing is not being absorbed and appreciated. Your offering of love simply is not experienced as love for those who speak a different love language.

Gary Chapman’s work around the Five Love Languages helps us explore this incredible aspect of relationships. And it is fun! What is your love language? And what is the language of your partner? Are they the same? We can better fill up our emotional buckets by understanding and sharing our own love language, and we can be more successful in expressing love to our loved ones by simply learning to understand and speak the love languages that work best for each of us.

What is your love language?

  • Verbal Acknowledgement
  • Quality Time
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

We are going to find out what your love language and how to speak it in with this week’s Fun Frolic!

  1. Get your favorite beverage. Tom and I love a glass of wine…or maybe a bottle for this exercise!
  2. Take turns filling out this free survey
  3. Compare your answers; ask questions about how to really love your partner best.
  4. Then practice, is it like this? If I say it like this? If I do it like this? Have fun with this.
  5. Remember even if you have taken this survey before, we all change over time…take it again, and get specific sharing with your partner about how to love you best.

(This is fun to do with your kids and close friends as well.)

If you are interested you can get Gary Chapman’s book here:

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