Do you know you need to leave your relationship, but aren't sure how?

Some of the challenges associated with wanting to leave your relationship are:

  • You are plagued by how to implement the decision to release your relationship.
  • You feel like someone needs to be painted as bad and wrong to let the relationship go.
  • You are conflicted with where to go to get the information necessary to leave, in order to minimize the potential negative ripples for everyone involved.
  • You are personally receiving the valuable lessons and contributions contained in the relationship being released and aren't sure what do do with them.

Making the decision to release a relationship is difficult; however it can be done in a peaceful way by creating an atmosphere of gratitude, love and respect for everything that has been shared and contributed by both partners. There are no failed relationships.  There are only learning and growth opportunities for those who continue to love with all their hearts. 

What are the benefits of taking our course?

  • You will gain the insight and information needed to create a loving release with your partner.
  • You will understand why it is not necessary for someone to be bad and wrong for your relationship to end.
  • You will discover tools and resources available and learn how to manage the ripples of change to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.
  • You will learn how how to release the anger and express gratitude for all of the contributions that have been made in your relationship.

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