Samba, A Lease On Love Community.

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For those of us newly divorced, it’s hard to find the support we need as we reinvent ourselves and attempt to find love again. How do we go about dating again and not make the same mistakes?

And for those of you who have been out there dating for a while, you may be feeling disappointed and frustrated with the dating process, instead of finding the love you really desire. How do you actually get yourself out there and connect with the “right” person? It can seem daunting!

I can relate. Dating after divorce is not easy. But, I’m also here to tell you that you CAN find love again. And, you don’t have to do it alone!

That’s why I created Samba -- just for you. It’s a program with tips and strategies for dating and finding that fulfilling relationship you really desire. And the best part? It also includes a community where you can get feedback and live Q&A sessions where you can get real-time support as you navigate the dating scene. Have a question about a recent date? Post it on our forums or connect with me during live Q&A!

A Quick Backstory

Nine months ago, as part of my divorce mediation practice, I realized that there was a huge need for ongoing help and support for people that found themselves single again. This caused me to reflect on my own experience of being single after my own divorce. I started asking clients, friends and family members to share with me what additional relationship skills and information they desired and needed to ensure success the next time around in their own searches for love.

My one desire for doing this was to provide real support and awesome tools that truly benefit you in creating extraordinary relationships. I want to inspire you to let the past go and realize that there is no such thing as a failed relationship. These love lessons are really here to lead you to an even more fulfilling and life-giving relationship experience.

So, What Is Samba All About? 

SAMBA is a safe and connected community filled with great conversations, live mentorship, video lessons, and never-before-seen tools for dating, creating love and building incredible relationships. Oh, and it also includes FUN, because what’s dating without it, right? We call our brand of fun “FUN FROLICS!", and you won’t want to miss it!

So here’s the thing: getting a divorce was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. And once I was divorced, navigating dating was my next big hurdle. At the time I thought, my biggest problem was going to be how to choose “the right person” the next time around.

Boy was I wrong! Getting back into dating meant learning a whole new set of skills, especially with online dating because it felt scary. I needed to know how to navigate online dating and I had questions like:

  • Which sites are the best ones to be on if I am really looking for a nice person and a relationship and not just a hook up? (It took me some time to figure this out!)
  • How do I know what to say about myself without out sounding arrogant or needy? 
  • How do I write my online dating profile so it will attract the “right person”?
  • How do I select pictures that reflect my best and true self?

And like most people who have had their heart broken a time or two, I wanted to make sure that my past experiences didn’t trip me up as I stepped out and began to date again. 

I wanted to learn from my past mistakes and add to my success. I knew I needed answers to questions like:

  • How do I learn from my past relationships so that I don’t just recreate the same experience with a different person?
  • How do I know when I have found someone that is “relationship ready”? Because not everybody you meet will be.
  • How do I manage my fears about commitment? Especially when it seems that commitment didn’t serve me so well in the past.
  • How do I qualify potential dates and not waste time with the “wrong people”?
  • How do I bounce back from disappointments faster and keep my heart open and ready for love?
  • And, what about actually being on a date?! The idea was both thrilling and scary as hell to me!

I also wanted to get better at dating because I had been in a relationship for so long and out of the dating scene. I needed to know:

  • How to start and build conversations and stay relaxed and confident during the date. (I had a tendency to talk so fast that my date couldn’t understand me!)
  • How to better read body language.
  • How to flirt and have fun with it, or the flip side of not give the wrong impression of being interested when I am really not.
  • I also wanted new ideas for dates instead of the good ‘ol standby of dinner and a movie that my ex and I had done time and time again. I wanted some fresh ideas for dates that were fun but also wouldn’t break the bank.
  • Lastly, I wanted someone I could talk to that would help me navigate all the many questions and concerns that came up while dating. Sure, I had friends and family, but I wanted a skilled professional. I knew that some of my friends and family weren’t so great at their own relationships…and I wasn’t sure I wanted their advice when creating my next one! 

Can you relate?!

My own dating journey lead me to eventually finding the answers to these questions. I also created a wonderful new relationship with my husband, Tom. 

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Samba is for you if:

  • You’re recently divorced (or just ended a long term relationship) and you have no idea how to get back into the dating scene again. Where the heck do I even start?
  • You’ve been out there dating but the truth is you are frustrated and disappointed. You find yourself thinking: Is there a secret to this dating scene I’m missing? Or, “there has just got to be a better way to do this whole dating thing!”
  • Deep down you question if you’ll ever find love again. You often wonder: Is all of this effort I put into dating really worth it?

The Program

Love Class 101

SAMBA includes love and relationship video lessons we call Love Class 101. These lessons happen once a week and cover all kinds of topics from setting up your online dating profile, to how to develop courage and confidence, to how to let someone know I am just not interested in them in a way that empowers us both, to discovering a whole new way to date that’s actually enjoyable.

The best part of Love Class 101 is that the on-going lessons will be custom designed for you. Lesson topics will come from the questions and requests of the group.

Mastery Series

The Mastery Series includes lessons from other experts in the relationship space. The Mastery Series will cover topics such as:

  • Using acupressure to help with the anxieties of dating and relationships
  • A child expert on how to date when you still have children living at home
  • Looking your best from the inside out through self-nurturing
  • Great skincare and fashion tips to look your best

Dating Dos & Don’ts

Each week we’ll also offer a segment called Dating Dos & Don’ts. These segments are quick, simple tips and common sense reminders about human interaction and manners. 

We share things like when on a date who should pay (this answer will surprise you), how to talk about your ex-partner, easy ways to create conversations, etc.

Fun Frolic

Fun Frolics are date ideas that are unique, low cost, and fun. Each Frolic comes with all the instructions and recipes that you’ll need to put it together. For even more fun, the SAMBA community is encouraged to share pictures of their Frolics along with any personal creative twist they may have added. These are very motivating and are sure to put a smile on your face. Because the truth really can play your way to love!

What Else?

In addition to lessons and mini courses, SAMBA will also offer you support called Throw Me a Lifeline for when those dating disappointments show up. And we’ll also be ready to celebrate your wins along your dating journey when we share our I Got This stories.

One of my personal favorite tools is called Dating Impressions that we offer each Friday. Basically it is a tool we use in SAMBA that will create a great dating experience every time. We will teach you all about this, I promise!

The bottom line is this: Samba is here to inspire you to get excited about dating and meeting new people while “being” and sharing the incredible YOU!

Love and an extraordinary relationships are not just for the lucky few, but for everyone regardless of your past relationship journey. 


I know this with absolute certainty because of my own personal journey in finding my husband Tom.

They are gifts, even though they may not have felt like it.

You see, we all have the capacity to love, but lack the ability because we have never been taught HOW to create great relationships in our lives.

Until now with SAMBA…

Thank you so much for your willingness to give me your feedback, I can’t wait to hear back from you about ways to improve SAMBA before we officially launch it in October 2016.