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Tom Bartley and Staci Welch-Bartley specialize in giving others the tools to build extraordinary relationships on strong foundations. They believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy thriving relationship.  And they know that everyone is capable of creating "toe tingling" relationships.

Tom and Staci have created a four-step process using the first ever Lease Option Contract for love as a tool for building and evaluating relationships. The building of this contract supports individuals, couples, and could-be partners in doing more than crossing their fingers and hoping that things will just work out someday. Through their Lease On Love course, Tom and Staci teach the concepts needed to build the relationships we all long for.

The creation of this Lease Option Contract comes from Tom and Staci’s personal love story that began 35 years ago. Together, they will share with audiences:

  • A new and fresh way of embarking on relationship commitments;
  • Teaching tools and skills designed to keep the intimate connection between partners intact; and
  • Teaching how and when to lovingly release a relationship that has run its course.

Tom and Staci’s favorite part of their presentation is the Q&A session with the audience where we discuss real life circumstances.  Relationships are growing, living entities that we unconsciously create and neglect. Let’s get conscious and create something grand!

Filled with personal stories, laughter, and tears, their teachings are the real deal. Your audience will leave knowing that relationships can actually be contributions to our lives, they are not thinks that just have to be tolerated.

Presentation Topics:

I Want To Have An Affair, And I Want It To Be With You!

  • Rediscover the principles of maintaining romance and connection.  
  • Upgrade your tools and strategies to revitalize and replenish the fun.  
  • Master the art of falling in love over and over again.

A New Option For Committed Relationships

  • Discover how to get conscious about creating relationships.
  • Gain self-awareness from your relationship patterns.
  • Discover & embrace the power of commitment.

Dating Again

  • Get clear on what you’re looking for in a partner.
  • How to know when you have got a good one.
  • Discover the role of your intuition when it comes to love.
  • Understand what to do when you find yourself falling in love.
  • Walk away with the know-how to keep the music playing in your relationship.


  • Dating After Marriage
  • A New Option for Creating Committed Relationships
  • A Good Divorce

Between Tom and Staci, they have lived, or are living most of life’s ups and downs. They are now very excited to share 35 years of their relationship experiences, and are committed to inspiring others to take bold action towards creating extraordinary relationships that tingle their toes.

To book and connect with Tom & Staci:
Call: 530-388-5477
e-mail: love@leaseonlove.com
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