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My past relationships seemed to become static over time. With Lease On Love our relationship is constantly growing and evolving. Lease On Love has showed us how to proactively check in and nurture our growing relationship on a regular basis. I love this program.
— Keri LaRue
In my past relationships I’ll freely admit that I had gone into them hoping, even praying that things would just somehow ‘work out.’ I began relationships not so much by conscious creation but more by the dream of blissful destiny.

With Lease On Love, I have found a simple yet profound process by which I can create a committed relationship that is more a known possibility than a shot in the dark. The relationship begins by learning about my, our individual needs, wants and desires, and discovering what makes us laugh, what causes upsets, how do we need and want each other to show up when we are having a tough day, etc… The mystery of ‘what should I do?’ is replaced with straight from the heart answers from my partner, and that forms the basis for our relationship, set at a length of time that works for both of us. ‘Wow!’
— David
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You guys are the REAL deal!!!

Just wanted to share with you after 7 years, I got the closure with my ex-husband that I have so desperately wanted.

You were an EXTREME catalyst in this taking place. Having your coaching, and now with this course, has really opened my heart and cleared out the old residual energy. I am making the space for my new Love Creation NOW!!!
— Audra Erwin
I have to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the course. You and Tom arrived in my life at the exact time I needed your wisdom and guidance, and I didn’t even know it yet! My heart was broken from a recent break up. I was emotional and disappointed in ‘love.’ Your course helped me to love myself - all of myself, perfect or not. It also taught me to appreciate my past relationship and helped me to ‘lovingly release’ my most recent one. I am walking away with the confidence that I will find love and when I do, it will be AMAZING!!!

I am perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly okay.

Cheers to you both!
— Veronica Hunter
This work is so needed. It has caused me to look at love in a whole new way. I keep the Love Kit on my coffee table. Bravo for all you have created and contributed to the world.
— Greg Welch
I absolutely shout RIGHT ON. I loved the way you worked with me and love the energy in your follow up. You are a natural for this business of yours and I’m excited for you to take it to the heights of your dreams.
— Jennifer Novak Landers
Thank you for teaching me that I do not need to run when a relationship is headed south! You helped me understand the value of sticking it out so I can really understand a lot about me and who I am in a partnership. I am grateful for the new skills and paradigm shifts around relationships.
— Grant Griffin
I’m impressed with the contracts – really good, useful, real life tools. I can see you and this work really helping a lot of couples. What a nice place to be.
— Cynthia
Thank you for all of your support. You have been great! Somehow you stayed calm and professional even though at times I was pushy etc. I don’t know how to thank you for all you have done. Bless you!
— Greg Ims