"We sat down with Staci ready for divorce, and we ended our time with her a stronger couple and individuals as well."
-Erin & Craig

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Eliminate the pain.

End the pain and drain of being uncertain about your relationship.

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Gain Clarity.

Face your fear of getting clear about what’s really going on.

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Realize what’s possible.

Discover whether you want to reignite your relationship or lovingly let it go.

3 Minutes. 3 Questions. Click Here For The Answers You Need.

3 Minutes to  the Answers You Need

Being on the fence about your relationship is exhausting. 

You feel unhappy and uncertain: “Should I stay and try to work it out or is it time to move on? What if I make a choice only to move on and make the same old mistakes over again?”

We‘ve been there and we get it. And in relationships there are no one-size-fits-all answers. 

But, if you have 3 minutes to answer 3 simple questions, we promise you’ll get some clarity and a sense of relief.



"Should I stay or should I go?" When it comes to asking this question in a committed relationship we are so scared and confused, we avoid the question all together. We become paralyzed and live in an abyss of unhappiness and uncertainty. The Lease On Love mentoring program will help you get clear on what’s really going on in your relationship so you can discover and decide what is best. You can finally make the choice of whether to reignite your relationship or understand how to lovingly let it go.

We understand that being uncertain about your relationship is downright painful. And boy do we know how hard it can feel to confront reality. There’s a good reason you’re avoiding it -- you’re scared. It’s frightening to think about what might happen to your children, your beloved dog, the house. Letting down your family. Your friends. Your church. Who will pay the bills? Who will the kids live with? Your mind is buzzing with questions and anxieties. Deciding whether to stay or go feels like jumping off a cliff. Once you leap, it feels like there’s no going back.

The Lease On Love mentoring program is lead by Tom and Staci Bartley, creators of the revolutionary Lease Option Contract process. Tom and Staci have experienced almost everything imaginable in the realm of love and life. They’ve both been in this painful place of indecision and have dealt with divorce and heartbreak themselves. The Lease Option Contract process was created when they were at a crossroads in their own committed relationship -- both of them afraid to make another wrong decision and struggling with how to move forward. Since then they’ve gone on to get married and blend their family -- consisting of 8 children and 11 grandchildren (and counting)!

Tom and Staci have mentored numerous individuals and couples grappling with their own relationship fears and indecision. The Lease Option Contract for Love experience has freed their clients and students from the emotional prison they’ve lived in for years. Tom and Staci’s clients emerge from this process understanding themselves and their partners with a clear vision of what is really possible for their relationship.

Through the Lease On Love mentoring program, you will 1. Understand what is really going on in your relationship and why you are where you are. 2. Gain the clarity and certainty about your choice to stay or go and 3. Feel 100% confident and hopeful as you take your next steps in transforming your relationship.

Facing the reality about your relationship is hard. But the truth is it’s worse to stay in a place of uncertainty and unhappiness. The truth is your best possible outcome is available by taking action proactively, not waiting. Yes, you may come to the difficult conclusion that there’s nothing left to salvage in your relationship. But you may also be surprised to realize there’s still a heartbeat and you and your partner can recreate the love that brought you together in the first place. Either way, the best news is that through your time with Tom and Staci, you’ll be on your way back to love. One way or another.

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